Thursday, June 11, 2015


I sit alone while she runs through my head.
Shes all drugged up in a hospital bed.
I sit alone and man I freaking miss her.
Is it bad if every moment I just want to kiss her?
A thought runs through my head like a dart.
Its just that I've come to realize that she holds my heart.
Every moment we spend together burns itself into my brain
Its like when you try to wash out that one stain,
but it never comes out.
But what if I like that stain?
What if my heart wasn't just playing some stupid game?
What if 
I love her.........
I think I do.
I hope she knows I do.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Open Mic

Cologne stained walls and Perfume covered halls,
High school.
Make up days and tardies,
NC's and my parents........Oh geez.
High school.
Worthless lunch rooms and over crowded class rooms.
Janitors that never seem to let go of their brooms,
High school.
1 in the morning study nights,
followed by 6:30 alarm fights.
Some of us call ourselves athletes.
Weather your catching a ball or kicking it or running around in a circle because tracks a sport.
It all ads up to countless hours of your coaches calling you trashy, because they were better then you when they were your age.
They say the sage is the new best thing,
 but if you ask me as long as there's A, B, C and D everyone can pass the stupid thing.
Sometimes it rains, and pain and heartbreak drip through the ceiling onto the floor and all we can do is wade through it while the tardy bell rings.
And each day we go through the same doors hoping that somehow Monday never comes and Friday never ends.
High school.
Romances that never last,
 and teachers that think we only have one class.
But what does it matter if high school doesn't last.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I Remember.

I remember a time when I didn't care about how I looked going to school.
I remember a time when I thought I could be the best writer in a junior and senior filled class.
I remember a time when getting less than 10 hours of sleep was impossible.
I remember a time when I was mad at my cousins because their bed time was later than mine.
I remember a time when everyone was friends with everyone in the class (except that weird kid that always picked his nose)
I remember a time when 5 minutes of homework felt like 5 hours.
I remember a time when I was supposed to turn in this blog post and forgot.
I remember a time when I was sent out to the hall for telling a "your moma joke"
I remember a time when I thought Canada was England.
I remember a time when I hid in the back of my cousins car so I wouldn't have to go home and, they drove me all over the place without them finding me.
I remember when texting became a big thing and how stupid it seemed that you wouldn't just call them.
I remember a time when I thought I could learn another language. Nope.
I remember a time when I liked school. 
I remember.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Look Up

I look up to the sky. The outside world, and to space where the sun shines and the stars hide I
Look up.
I look up because I have been taught to never look down
the earth below my feet constantly pulling me down but, 
I look up.
I feel the strain on my neck my heavy body always wanting to fall and never get up but,
I look up.
I feel the abuse of the world weighing me down. I feel the pressure of never succeeding. I hear the world's deep quiet voice telling me to look down because i'l never make it but,
I look up.
I see you walking towards me head down and depression up, and all I have been taught to say is......Look up.
I know you don't understand and neither do I but this is why I try, because if I don't look up for myself no one else will.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Letter To My Heart

I respect you I really do I just have a problem with the way you lead me.
 I know you pump blood for me and keep me living trust me I know, but why do you lead me astray? 
I just feel like you can't go a week without crushing on someone. 
Then you find someone and you can't stop leading me too them.
 You build a false since of interest that doesn't go away. 
The real problem here is I hate making mistakes.
 I'm not calling you a failure or a bad decision maker I'm just saying please take some consideration about how this may affect me.
 Everything I do and everything you make me say has a consequence and I'm so sick of being let down.....
I just don't know what's up with you lately.
 I don't want this to sound like a rant or a lecture I just want you to understand.
 I don't want to jump into something that will most likely turn into nothing. 
We're stuck together forever, so we might as well start listening to each other.
 So stop controlling my life. 
Let me decide if she's the one.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's me.

I try to blend in at times
 I'm not sure why.
I try to stand out
 I'm not sure why.
I just want you to look at me!
Because guess what I'm real.
This pen name I'm hiding behind is more than just name,
I'm more than just a fake name.
Because when I walk into class, and you look down on me because I'm the Sophomore
I don't care.
Because you're the one reading my blog.
So enjoy it,
or don't.
Either way I don't care because I'm the writer and you're the reader,
so freaking read!

Yours truly Ryan Coon (The Sophomore)